Hässelbyloppet 2005

OK – it has been already 21 days since the run, so I’ll keep it short: the Hässelbyloppet 2005 was the last run of the year.

Our team consisted initially of 6 runners, but Garance overslept – so we were only 5. The distance was 10 kilometers with a nice field start. The time measuring system is probably the most oldfashioned I have ever seen. There are several “channels”, each with an own clock, taking each runner’s time. The starting number of the finishers is noted down in the order of arrival. After that it is possible to make the connection between the measured times and the names of the runners. Oldfashioned, but smart – and more accurate than the usual bar-code-system.

Hässelbyloppet 2005
Nina, Thibault and Ronney prepare for the run

Hässelbyloppet 2005
Norbert, our driver and proud Volkswagen T3 Transporter owner

Hässelbyloppet 2005
After the run

The Hässelbyloppet is divided in four classes:

  • Herrar tävling – Competition class for men
  • Herrar motion – Class for men who just want to take part without competing at a particularly high level
  • Damer tävling – Competition class for women
  • Damer motion – Class for women who just want to take part without competing at a particularly high level

Our results:

  1. Thibault: 39.14 minutes, ranking 11th out of 660 runners in Herrar motion class
  2. Ronney: 42:31 minutes, ranking 74th out of 660 runners in Herrar motion class
  3. Norbert: 43:00 minutes, ranking 145th out of 181 runners in Herrar tävling class
  4. Nina: 46:18 minutes, ranking 26th out of 379 runners in Damer motion class
  5. Fabian: 51:40 minutes, ranking 445th out of 660 runners in Herrar motion class

In total everybody could be quite satisfied. Thibault made an incredible time, and Nina ranked impressively despite her fear she wouldn’t be competitive at all.
For myself I think there is still room for improvement – although 51:40 minutes is the best time I have ever made in a public run on 10 km. My goal should be to stay below 50 minutes on this distance, which would also include to run a marathon in 4 hours or less.

Now it’s the winter break in running. Although I want to keep doing training, it is quite difficult to motivate myself for that. Maybe watching the marathon TV-documentation “Von Null auf 42” will help.

The final goal however is totally clear at the moment: Stockholm Marathon 2006 in about 4:30 hours!

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