In English: New section

Since my posting to the master students group at yahoo was quite a success, I decided to post more in English and to add a kind of English section. Unfortunately WordPress doesn’t offer a completely multilingual page. For easier access there is a new link at the top of the page. (Click on “Weiterlesen” for more.)

The page had a visitor record due to the photos of the container I posted here. So I extended the English part a little bit. And I plan to go on with that.
Since yesterday there are more master students around here – and more will come during the next days. Yesterday I met Uana from Brasil. Dmitry from Russia seems to be around as well by now.

I want to keep this post short, but I have to admit that I’m currently quite annoyed about the situation regarding the questions I am asked by the other master students.
Certainly I want to help, but to be everybody’s guide wasn’t my intention. Many seem to believe that I can help them with their visa problems – I can’t, because I’m a EU-citizen and don’t need a visa at all.
Some others think that I can give some hints about the application to KTH – I can’t, because I come from a partner university and the conditions were different for me.

This are just general examples. Half a dozen people have contact me through Yahoo-Messenger – and about the same by e-mail. Before this might get too far and increasingly annoying for me personally, I encourage everybody to help to improve the Wiki with the information for everybody. This would be helpful for all of us.

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