Photo discount

A photo film with 24 pictures costs 40 kr here – and that was a special offer. This is madness – at least compared to German prices.

So here are some photos for free, which I had on my computer but not posted so far.

Library Panorama
The staircase to the library in AlbaNova

Container Panorama
Another panorama of the container. Looks slightly better than the last one – maybe not.

Balloon Panorama
A balloon which I spotted this morning when I woke up.

Is this boring ? Yes, it is – therefore it is time to change the topic and talk about more cheerful things – like the pizza we had on our flat this week. Actually I wasn’t sure that it would be possible to prepare the dough without a mixer (or anything similar) and a rolling pin – but it is. And it tasted really good.

Mike with one part of the result – actually it was huge and most of us didn’t manage to eat all of it

From left to right: Mike, Daniela, Michele, me (what a horrible grin), Maral and Dmitry


So, as you can see, we are having quite a good time here.

Today’s highlights will be:

  • The S:t Eriksloppet half-marathon in the city center and Södermalm. Well, I will try to run it, and the others will try to cheer – that should be a good division of work 🙂
  • Osqvik Party with the master students tonight – well, as far as I know the master students are not so much into partying. However I expect a positive surprise. After all a lot of people I know are there.

Enough for today – tomorrow more about the run.

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