Ups and Downs

I woke up with a strange feeling in my throat – almost certainly an indicator for a beginning angina or something similar. But this doesn’t keep me from running, of course. Especially when I’m the leader of the team.

Our team was “KTH international students 05”. I have to admit a not very creative name, but a practical one, since most of the team came together less than a week ago.

Bellmanstafetten Panorama

The members are (in order of running):

  1. Nikolai
    Nikolai at the finish line
  2. Fabian (unfortunately nobody took pictures of me – but as soon as we get the official CD, we will have some of the whole team)
  3. Ronney
    Ronney at the finish line
  4. Péter
    Péter waiting for the pin
    Péter at the finish line
  5. Norbert
    Norbert just before finishing our team’s run

So Nikolai had to fight his way through the crowds at the start. My run went well, although I had trouble to keep my speed in the second half of the run. My goal was to achieve a time of 24 minutes or less. Finally I had pretty much that time – maybe a few seconds less.
This is quite bad compared to the times Ronney (about 20:49 minutes), Péter (about 20:59 minutes) and Norbert (about 20:30 minutes) managed to run.
Finally we had a total time of 1:51:08 hours, good enough for the 51st place of 197 male teams in total. So we made it almost to the top quarter.

Some impressions:
Bellmanstafetten Impressions
Bellmanstafetten Impressions
Bellmanstafetten Impressions
Bellmanstafetten Impressions

Unfortunately I had to remove some photos I wanted to post here – my disk quota is full.
I think we had quite a good time there – especially with the picnic after the run.

Less pleasant was coming home after that. I didn’t feel too good – and my father called and told me that my grandmother has suffered a stroke last night. Good reasons to stay at home and have a quiet evening.

One thought on “Ups and Downs”

  1. Hi ich hab deine Seite endlich gesehen…voll cool!

    Hast einiges an Arbeit reingesteckt.
    Schad, dass nicht mehr Bilder von dir drauf sind!!!

    Sieht aber wirklich so aus, als haettet ihr ne Menge SPASS!!!!

    Also bis bald

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