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Sinnfragen von einer Insel vor Stockholm

Swedish Television

Ein von vielen Ausländern geschätzter Aspekt des schwedischen Fernsehens ist es, dass es in weiten Teilen englischsprachige Programme sendet, die dann untertitelt sind. Da viele Austauschstudenten nicht wirklich darauf aus sind, schwedisch zu lernen, ist das natürlich sehr bequem. Schweden war noch nie ein großer Markt, so dass sich Synchronisation nicht lohnt und sich stattdessen die Untertitel durchsetzten. Ich habe schon lange Debatten mit Deutschen darüber geführt, was nun besser.. Read More

The Ultimate Nobel Experience Reloaded (Deluxe Edition, Part 1)

Sweden in winter – that is coldness and darkness in the eyes. While the latter is guaranteed, low temperatures have only stopped by for a few days in late October and moved on to the far north. They have been above zero centigrade ever since despite German media claiming that people in the queue for the new Nintendo Vii console waited in sub-zero temperatures. I was not among them anyway.. Read More

Home Less Sweet Home – at least this time

There are moments in life when it’s better turn away and don’t look at the misery. Half an hour ago there was one of these moments, when a blonde Swedish girl of maybe 16 years vomited into a trash bin in a subway station. Such things assure that western civilization is certainly on the right track. The birthday dinner I had before was much more convenient. Anna turned maybe 18,.. Read More

Home Sweet Home

Welcome to our international community where things are getting to run smoothly. Tonight there will live at least 13 different nations on our floor, probably more. Just a few minutes two girls from Georgia arrived, introducing another nation. We had a great dinner with Pasta, salad and some German wine – „Pfälzer Landwein“ which came in a TetraPak. So we are quite a nice bunch of people here. I feel.. Read More

In English: Nice panoramas and immigration ideas

It’s the last week before the lectures start, and it’s full of events. On Tuesday I have been to Vaxholm in the archipelago. Here are some panoramas of that day: While we (Elena, Christina and me) were waiting for the boat to Vaxholm. In the background is the royal palace.

In English: Last warm weekend

Locals agree that this has been one of the last, if not the last warm weekend of this year. The sun was shining and it was warm until late in the evening. I met some new people from all over the world and shot some nice panorama photos of Stockholm (Click on „Weiterlesen“ for more) .

In English: New section

Since my posting to the master students group at yahoo was quite a success, I decided to post more in English and to add a kind of English section. Unfortunately WordPress doesn’t offer a completely multilingual page. For easier access there is a new link at the top of the page. (Click on „Weiterlesen“ for more.)