Home Sweet Home

Welcome to our international community where things are getting to run smoothly. Tonight there will live at least 13 different nations on our floor, probably more. Just a few minutes two girls from Georgia arrived, introducing another nation.
We had a great dinner with Pasta, salad and some German wine – “Pfälzer Landwein” which came in a TetraPak. So we are quite a nice bunch of people here.
I feel pretty much at home, especially after I visited Lidl in Täby today. It does not only look like the German Lidl, they even sell the same products.
Later today Julian arrived, who not only turned out to be from my home university in Germany – he also studies at the same master programme. Seems like we had a lack of information in Germany. I thought I already knew all the students from Karlsruhe.

Enough links for today -actually I just wanted to present another nice picture of Stockholm:
Container View

It was taken from a lecture hall at AlbaNova, a shared building of Stockholm University and KTH – and incidently the place which will house most of my lectures.
Well, it makes The Container look worse than it actually is 🙂

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