In English: The masters are coming

It is about to start. Three days after I expected a big wave of master students here in The Container – which actually turned out as a very small wave – new faces show up. I met some of them yesterday at the picnic for exchange students. It was the last big event of the exchange students’ orientation programme. Tickets for a short trip to Estonia were sold – another auspicious event actually 🙂
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Later in the afternoon we attended the information meeting for master students. In contrast to the meeting for the exchange students, the mood was quite close to the one at a funeral. After all most of the information was not new to us, but there were some interesting things – for example a reception at the Stockholm City Hall in September.

They told us that almost 100 different nations are in the master programmes. Well, I’m not too surprised. I have met so far:

  • Michele, my Italian flat mate
  • Oana, my Romanian flat mate
  • Alex, my Moldavian flat mate
  • Uana from Brazil
  • Damon, Nicole and Josh from the USA
  • some nice Greek guy whose name I missed actually
  • Ruben from Mexico
  • Dave from Australia
  • and of course Ben from Germany, who studied at the same university as me

So it is already quite a lot of people – and it sounds like a lot of fun.

I made some more panoramas yesterday at the picnic.

Picnic Panorama 1

Picnic Panorama 2

It looks as if all the people are just standing around. But they played some games during the picnic. I just took the photos at the wrong time 🙂

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