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Sinnfragen von einer Insel vor Stockholm

Why not ask… (2)

…an expert. Today: Mahatma Gandhi (died 1948) on Kim Jong Il (born 1941) and George W. Bush (born 1946) “Bush is the worst fascist war criminal in humankind history but Dear Leader Kim Jong Il is the Leader of Peace and the Defender of the Earth.” Found on Songun Blog Good to know.

The Ultimate Nobel Experience Reloaded (4)

Nobel Medicin Prize Announcement 1 Originally uploaded by HansBaer. This is a photo of the Announcement of the Nobel Medicin Prize 2006 which won Andrew Fire and Craig Mello. These minutes the second to last category is announced at the Swedish Academy in Stockholm’s Old Town. It is the Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk. So my guess it could be another American was wrong.