Wichtige Anfrage

Folgende herzerwärmende (bzw. -abkühlende) Mail hat mich erreicht:


My name is Elena, I have 32 year and I applying to you from Russian province. I employment in town bibliotheca and I can use computer afterwards I finish work if possible. We are having serious trouble and I decided to write you this desperate letter.

I having daughter Angelina – she is 8 years, her father abandoned us and we live together with my mother.

As result of deep financial crisis lately my mother miss job (the shop where she was used to work has been bankruptcy) and our situation became terrible.

Prices for gas and electricity are very expensive in our region and we cannot afford to use it for heating our home any more.

It is very cold already in our region and weather becomes colder each day. We are worried and we donot know what we can to do.

At present we can use the only one way how to heating our home – it is to use moveable wood burn oven which supply with heat with burning wood (fire). We have plenty wood in our region and this oven will provide heat for our domicile completely all winter for minimal cost.

We urgent need this oven, but we cannot buy it in our market because it monetary value 8125 rouble (equivalent about 191 Euros) and we can not afford it.

May be you have any old transferable wood-fire oven and if you discontinued using it, we will be very happy if you can give it to us and prepare transportation this oven to our home (180 km from Moscow). That oven can be difference , they can be built from cast iron and weight 100 – 150kg.

I hope that you write me back.


Vielleicht hat einer meiner geneigten Leser einen Ofen übrig. Ich habe keinen, aber es gibt ja auch andere Methoden, sich warm zu halten.

Mein guter Freund Steffen hat hierzu nämlich einen Tipp von Kim Ngov, dem Spam-Versender seines Vertrauens, erhalten:

Weihnachten ist Potenz-Zeit!

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  1. Elena hat mir auch schon ein paar Mal gemailt, aber auch ich habe keinen Ofen übrig. Die Weihnachtspotenzmail erreichte mich übrigens mehrfach mitten im Sommer. Gibt’s denn eigentlich Länder, die im Juli Weihnachten feiern?

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